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It was a cool Wednesday morning in the peaceful New Zealand city of Palmerston North in August 2000. Glen Weggery arrived at his sister’s house, but no one came to answer the door. As he walked inside, he saw his seven-year-old niece lying on the floor. Her blood-soaked hair covered her face and her head was in an unusual position. Glen immediately knew from the horrific scene that Amber was no longer alive. He made his way to the master bedroom and found his 38-year-old sister’s body on the bed in the master bedroom. She was naked, lying face-up, drenched with blood. What happened to this mother and daughter in the late-August night in the quiet neighbourhood in Palmerston North?

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Murderpedia: Mark Lundy



Stuff: Four key points from Mark Lundy’s Court of Appeal hearing

The Lundy Murders

Inside the case that gripped the nation for 17 years

The Lundy Murders: What the jury didn’t hear

Narrated by: Noel Vinson

Researched & Produced by Two Red Romans Productions

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