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On October 11, 2014, the naked body of 27-year-old Jennifer Laude was discovered in a hotel room in Olongapo. She had been beaten, strangled, and drowned in the toilet. Eyewitness statements and hotel surveillance footage led police to the last person who was with her: a young US Marine. 

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He Killed a Transgender Woman in the Philippines. Why Was He Freed?

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Jennifer Laude’s German fiance reveals disturbing detail

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After calling Pemberton release ‘unjust,’ Roque justifies Duterte pardon

Pemberton ‘very happy’ on pardon grant from Duterte, says lawyer

US marine guilty of Filipina transgender killing

Pemberton meted 6 to 12 years for homicide in Jennifer Laude case

Trial begins in the killing of Jennifer Laude

Pemberton runs to De Lima, seeks dismissal of murder case

US Marine Joseph Pemberton, convicted in 2014 murder of transgender woman

Jennifer Laude, pardoned by Philippine President

Pemberton, Laude DNA don't match those in condoms: lawyer

Marine Who Allegedly Killed Trans Woman Claims He Was Defending His Honor

US marine admits to choking Filipino transgender woman – but not murder

Witness Says Suspect U.S. Marine Didn't Know Murdered Filipina Was Transgender

TIMELINE: The killing of Jennifer Laude and release of Joseph Scott Pemberton

6 years after killing Jennifer Laude, US soldier Pemberton now a free man

Jennifer Laude case: Duterte pardons US marine over transgender killing

Improbable Pardon: The Murder Of Jennifer Laude

US Marine pardoned by Philippines for killing of transgender woman

Philippines Deports US Marine Who Brutally Killed a Trans Woman More than just a murder

Women, Violence and the Reinvolvement of the U.S Military in the Philippines


Created & Produced by Sonya Lowe

Narrated by Noel Vinson

Researched & Written by Nikki Smith

Music: “Nordic Medieval” by Marcus Bressler

Background track: Doblado Studios: https://www.youtube.com/c/DobladoStudios


This True Crime Podcast was researched using open source or archive materials.


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